About Kolibri Yoga

About Kolibri Yoga, Kirtan & Meditation Studio

We are a body-positive and ability-encouraging yoga and meditation studio for everyone! We specialize in Gentle and Restorative Hatha Yoga, Family & Kids Yoga, Meditation & Guided Relaxation, Reiki, Kirtan, and other healing and yoga events and classes.

We welcome all levels and abilities, especially beginners and those that aren’t yet sure if yoga or meditation is right for them.

What if I have never tried yoga or feel I am not in shape or flexible?

                No experience necessary! Our gentle yoga or meditation classes are a great place to start. We can help you get started where you are now and encourage you on your journey. If you do have any health or medical concerns, we ask that you speak with your doctor before you begin. Always let your teacher know if you have any concerns and feel free to stop at any time during a class if needed.

How do I know which classes you offer?

Please see on our online scheduler for class descriptions and when they are offered. You can make yourself a free account within our scheduler using your email address. We are also on Facebook if you would like to follow us there as well to stay current.

How is the Family/Kids Yoga class set up?

                Right now, our Family/Kids Yoga classes require at least one parent, guardian, or caregiver to stay and also pay the $5 per person fee to participate along with children ages 3-7. We don’t recommend that children under 3 participate yet, unless the course description specifically says that it is for kids under 3 years old. Children 8-15 can participate on their own. If you are unsure, please ask and we can determine the child’s ability and attention span to participate on their own.

How do I sign up for classes?

The simplest way to sign up for our classes is online using our online scheduler. You can also pay with credit or debit card online, as well as purchase multi-class packs to save money. Randomly there will also be a free class embedded in the online scheduler that you can sign up for and attend for free!

How much do classes and events cost?

                You can see in the online scheduler how much a class costs when you look it up and purchase online if you prefer. Generally, drop-in adult classes are $12, but you can save money by purchasing a 4-pack of classes for $40 (those expire 2 months from purchase). Family/Kids Yoga is simply $5 per person, so a parent and child can attend together for only $10. Special event tickets (kirtan, workshops, special classes) vary in price and are often discounted if you pay at least 24 hours in advance online. Be on the lookout for free or discounted classes or events in the online schedule as a special surprise!!

How can I pay for classes?

If you need to pay with debit or credit card, you must use the online scheduler. At the studio, you may pay in cash or with check.

Where is the studio located?

                The studio is located in the lower level of a brown and white office building called Lynnbrook Center on N. 124th St., near the corner of W. Burleigh. There is a florist on the main floor. Enter the middle door that says “Office Suites” and go down the stairs and to the right. The offices are open during regular weekday hours and so is the “Office Suites” door. After hours the door is often locked, so it is important to arrive a few minutes before your class time as the doors will then be locked again as class begins. Doors open at least 10 minutes before class begins.

What should I bring to class?

For most classes and due to hygiene and space limitations, it is best to bring your own yoga mat and blanket or cushion. Unless you are a more advanced student, we highly recommend that you also bring your own yoga blocks and strap. These will help make your practice more accessible and allow you to progress in a safe way. We have some chairs available at the studio for those that might need them. We have a few mats available in case you are running late or simply forget your mat now and then.

How should I dress?

You don’t need special yoga clothes unless you prefer them. Appropriate shorts or sweatpants are ok. Shirts should be somewhat form-fitting so they don’t slide up or down. We are mostly barefoot in the studio, but you can find yoga socks that have grippy bottoms to keep you warm and safe. If you are unsure, please ask your instructor. For meditation classes, street clothes are probably ok for the most part, especially if you choose to simply sit in a chair.

How do I know what level of class to take?

Our classes right now are almost all available to beginning students and all levels. When we begin to offer higher level classes, we will indicate that in the title and/or class description. If at anytime the teacher is doing a movement or pose that doesn’t feel good to you, you are always free to stop and rest and wait to see where you will want to continue with the practice. Yoga is a practice, not a competition, and each person should move according to how their body feels that day.

What is kirtan and who can participate?

                Kirtan is a sacred tradition of call and response chanting brought from India. It is a form of meditation, repeating the names of the Divine, turning inwards and opening our hearts. No experience is necessary and you can choose to listen or sing along at the response time. Many songs are in Sanskrit, an ancient language from India, but it is becoming more common to have some verses in English or even other languages. It is a part of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion. Everyone can participate. Please note that some artists allow children to their kirtan and some do not, so if you are considering bringing children, please check ahead of time. There are some chairs available at the studio, but many participants choose to bring their own cushion or blankets to sit together on the floor.

What are the meditation classes like?

                We usually start meditation classes with some gentle movement and stretching and breathing exercises that almost anyone can do. In general we don’t go from our usual daily activity to slamming down into a seated lotus position to meditate. Our minds and bodies need at least a few minutes and some gentle signals from our breathing and movement that we are getting ready to settle down for meditation, much like getting ready for bed. The teacher or leader guides the class through various types of meditation and explains it as the class goes along. Much of what we practice is mindful meditation, guided relaxation, mudra (hand gesture or hand yoga) guided meditations or even listening to music or soft bells. You can sit on the floor, on a chair, or lie on your mat and blanket. In some classes we include moving or walking meditation, but it is gentle and calming. Our meditation classes are not part of any specific religion and you simply go with what is in your own heart and mind.



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